I have a problem getting win `98 to suspend.I have used PMTShoot on the win `98 CD and it has located the ofending device driver 'VCOMM' as the problem, but I don`t know how to dissable it or
even what it does.I have also updated my
bios to apm rev 1.2 to no evail.

Also with win `95 I had a suspend button
on the start menu is there any way to get rid of the 'Log Off Wayne Mant'
button and replace it with 'SUSEND'.

Wayne Mant

System Information
Asustek P/I-PTP4N main board
430fx chipset
133 pentium
Dynalink 33.6

PMTShoot Results
0438 Calling DevNode CONFIG_APM, CONFIG_APM_SET_S0, C187C720:'VCOMM'
Configmg reversal: Suspend abandoned. Resume initiated
Device capabilities (1c086acf):
Power (1)0
Registered device driver
Registered enumerator
Currently configured
Has received a config start
Enum generates hardware ID
Not CM_Create_DevNode lately
Can be rebalanced
Can be removed
Has received a config enumerate
Devnode can be the wakeup device
APM aware enumerator
APM aware driver

0439 Calling DevNode CONFIG_APM, CONFIG_APM_SET_S0, C187C720:'VCOMM'