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    Default PC wont boot after bios change/fsb jumper change

    K, so i thought i might muck round with my computer cos I was bored. Realised I my mobos FSB should be able to go up to 800 instead of 200. And worked out you can change the jumpers on the mobo, did that and then mucked round with some settings in the BIOS. Reset the comp and it made some gruelling beeping sounds, read how to reset BIOS/clear CMOS and started it back up and it was sweet. Then my FSB still hadnt changed so i mucked with them again and now its not booting at all. Tried the reset thing again but it didnt work.

    Think i might not have grounded my self at some stage or something. Ive put everything back to the way it was but comp just turns on but makes no beeps, nothing comes up on monitor and the HDD light on my comp stays completly red.

    Think i might have fried something but has anyone got any suggestions?

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    Default Re: PC wont boot after bios change/fsb jumper change

    well for future reference if you are tryin to overclock your pc if you ever get it runnin it in VERY small increments........
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    Default Re: PC wont boot after bios change/fsb jumper change

    Yup, killed it!

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