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    Default What ever become of Speedy/Mod?

    question, i know i rarely post threads etc on here but i do read them frequently.
    My question is.. What ever become of the speedy mod vote?
    I still see him with a member status under his un so im presuming he didnt get the required nods.
    Or has this just been put on the backburner and forgotten about thru later threads?
    VOTE 1 Speedy

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    Default Re: What ever become of Speedy/Mod?

    Its not just about "nods", or "posts", or "helpfulness", or "quality", although he is amazing at providing all of the above. At one point I was averaging over 3x the number of posts that Speedy is averaging, but thats not why I was made Mod.

    Basically, there's not enough need at the moment for another Mod. Sure, the current ones have lives and cant be here 24 / 7 to kill the spam threads etc, but (I'd like to hope) we do a good enough job of keeping things clean

    Being a Mod is not like a promotion that you give out when people reach a certain quality / quantity of posts, that kind of recognition comes from the number of posts, and people notice that you're a knowledgable person (and he is).

    However, hypothetically, if the need did arise, Im sure he would be one of the first considered...
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