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    Default Interested in URLS

    I want to find where the hits on my website are comming from (purely couriosity no other reason). I get a printout of the logical and normal URLS such as and and I would be interested in finding out where in the world, and from what org they originate. (The last one is easy).


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    There are many IP look-up sites. One of them is:

    Messy URL but it works. It tells me that is registered to:

    Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited (NET-TELECOM-NZ)
    P.O. Box 570 WellingtonNew

    Netname: TELECOM-NZ
    Netblock: -

    Pradhan, Rajesh (RP3815-ARIN) raj@TELECOM.CO.NZ

    I am sure there are more informative resources out there, but I hope this helps.


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    Thanks Matt, that was exactly what I was looking for. Why would telecom be repeatedly logging in to my site? Bored worker maybe?

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