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    Default lan file sharing

    how can i set up two pcs on a lan network, one on xp and one on 98, to access all the drives on each other so they can copy any files stored on the other?

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    Default Re: lan file sharing

    There was (or used to be a FAQ) in here for this.

    You have to enable file sharing on both. I wouldnt share all folders, if both are going to be on the Internet. Create a folder on both. And share it.

    If you want both to get onto the Internet, XP will have to be the main PC, since 98 doesnt support ICS (unless you install a 3rd party program).

    If any firewalls are installed, these have to be configured as well. Again, if both are going to be on the net, install something better than XP's firewall.

    Obviously both have to have network cards or wireless adapters.

    In XP, you have to go to Network connections, right mouse on the NIC / properties / TCP/IP, type in something like., subnet mask

    I cant remember what 98's looks like, its been ages since I used it.

    What kind of files exactly do you want to copy from one to the other?

    Note: You can't copy programs that have been installed already, (reinstall them on whatever PC).

    And most probably cant share window files between the 2. They wont work, since theyre different versions of Windows.

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    Default Re: lan file sharing

    How do you access the internet now - broadband or dialup. If broadband do both PC's have internet access. I'm trying to find out what connections you currently have. Win98 can be configured with manual IP address but is a lot easier if you have DHCP enabled on a broadband router and use that.

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    Default Re: lan file sharing

    all really want to share is the cd drive from the xp pc.

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    Default Re: lan file sharing

    Does the 98 computer not have a cd drive?
    Why not just buy one for it, they are really cheap
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