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    Default Adjust notebook display brightness when function key is broken

    Hi there, I asked this question in November last year but I haven't been able to fix the issue.

    My F8 key on my laptop keyboard is the key I need to use to increase my display's brightness, but this key is broken so when I try to increase the brightness using the FN key and the F8 key of course it doesn't work!

    Is there another way to adjust the brightness? No options in Display properties etiher, Display adapter is a Neomagic Magicgraph 128 XD.

    One reply I had to my post back in November said some BIOSes had an option to adjust the display brightness, but mine doesn't.

    Please help! It's a cruddy old laptop so I don't want to pay for a new keyboard, probably couldn't buy one anyway as it's so old...


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    Default Re: Adjust notebook display brightness when function key is broken

    Could you plug in a PS/2 or USB keyboard and use the Fn key on the laptop and the F8 key on the external keyboard?

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    Default Re: Adjust notebook display brightness when function key is broken

    Hey, good idea!

    Unfortunately it didn't work, I saw that it did make most of the function keys work, so i wonder if I need drivers for my keyboard. It's a Japanese Laptop (NEC) with Japanese keyboard and I have reinstalled Windows and am using a generic Japanese keyboard driver.

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