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    Question Java Runtime Environment

    Precisely what is the Java Runtime Environment, and its criticality to running my PC?
    I have two huge folders in Program Files, being:-
    Neither folder appears to have any "program" available in "Start\All Programs"; each folder takes up approx 80MB, and neither folder can be deleted because "a program is using it".
    These JRE files uploaded automatically very early on in my computer's life; however all I seem to have is a 160MB 'monkey' on my disc.
    Assistance with initiating either 'program' and/or deleting one or other program would be appreciated.
    If the JRE is of benefit then I would like to know how to take advantage of that benefit.

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    Default Re: Java Runtime Environment

    Most sites need Java. Browsers use Java.

    You can uninstall both of those versions. Its now up to 6 Update 2.

    DON'T delete its folder, uninstall it properly.

    Just make sure u uninstall older versions of it.

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    Default Re: Java Runtime Environment

    You may get along without it, depends why it was installed in the first place and what other apps you use - java is not something you play with directly, other programs use it.

    So keep it, it's probably useful, and won't so any harm.

    You have an old & a newer version however, and don't need both.

    Go to add/remove programs in Control Panel, and the two java version should be listed there. Uninstall the 1.5.06, leave the other.

    Or if you really want to be up to date, dtich both, and go here for the lastest java

    (it's just one iteration past what you have 1.6.01, and shouldn't make any difference to you. Sometimes for security reasons it pays to have the latest though)

    edit: oops I was too slow. Said more or less the same thing

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