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    Default Mouse keeps on freezing

    My mouse out of nowhere starts to freeze, have a usb mouse, its frozen before bitself but i dont no wats happening.

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    Default Re: Mouse keeps on freezing

    It's the weather. Buy your mouse a nice little fur coat, he will love you for it.

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    Default Re: Mouse keeps on freezing

    More info needed - your mouse could be defective, the USB port, you could have memory problems, or a corrupt driver..... etc.

    Have you tried a different mouse?
    Have you tried the mouse in a different USB port.
    Is the freeze permanent, i.e. do you need to reboot to fix it, or is it intermittent?

    Some things to try:

    Update and run all AV & antispyware.

    Run defrag.

    Assuming that you're running XP. Run System File Checker to restore and repair all Windows files.
    Start > Run > Type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. There's a space before the /.
    Click OK.
    Have your Windows CD ready to insert if prompted when repair is necessary.

    You could reinstall the driver:

    Download Mouse or Keyboard Software

    These drivers usually work even if the mouse or keyboard is not a Microsoft product. Select a wheel mouse or the nearest description to your device. If it works, then disable the startup items for the original device in msconfig....
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