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    Default Backward Capability For Laptop RAM

    Hey guys.
    Is it possible for a 200 pin DDR333 be used as DDR266?

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    Default Re: Backward Capability For Laptop RAM

    200?, you mean 184 pin surely?

    In answer to your question, it up to the memory controller of the motherboard to step down RAM modules if higher than the compatible board.
    Most chipsets will do this, but not all!
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    Default Re: Backward Capability For Laptop RAM

    What do you mean 184 pin?
    I did a bit of research and it said 200pin.
    But im not sure.
    This is for a Sony VGN-A23CP laptop.

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    Default Re: Backward Capability For Laptop RAM

    Memory should run at a lower speed than its rating. It should work better.

    Laptop memory can be non-standard. So I'd believe the 200 if that's what Sony say. If you're buying this memory, get the seller to install it, and check that it works, if you're concerned.
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    Default Re: Backward Capability For Laptop RAM

    The originator of this thread did say he was referring to laptop memory usually known as SODIMM or Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module and if you look at the memory section of Pricespy you will see that it comes in at least 3 varieties - 144 pin sdram, 200 pin ddr and 240 pin ddr2.
    The speed classification is an indication of the maximum clock speed at which the memory will perform to specification, so if you run it at a slower clock speed, determined by the mother board, there is no reason why it would not work.
    Thats my understanding anyway.

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