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    Default What is a service name?

    I've recently set up wireless broadband with a D-link modem and Belkin router. Following the instructions, I proceeded to configure the router, the setup wizard requested my ISP username, password and "Service Name". I have no idea what that is, so left it blank and clicked next. When the wizard did its check thing it said that it couldn't connect to the the ISP. So contacted my ISP, asked what the service name was, they told me to ring manufacturer of router as they don't provide wireless support.

    SO I ring Belkin, tell them what I'm after and he proceeds to tell me how to connect my router (duh! past that stage already!) anyway... he asks if I can connect to the internet I open IE and see my start page etc, so I say yes then he says... whats the problem you can connect.. I was like uhhh yeah but I haven't finished the configuration set up thingy on the CD, he said.. if you can connect to the internet, its already configured.

    Do I need to worry about finding out the service name so I can complete the setup?

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    Default Re: What is a service name?

    No. The "Service Name" is usually just a name you give to distinguish different connections - for example, some people have multiple internet connections so like to identify one with "Xtra", and the other by "Ihug" for example.

    Oh - and welcome to PressF1.

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    Default Re: What is a service name?


    Oh ok.. I thought that was the network name, which I had entered previously into the setup wizard...

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