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    Default home network / server setup?

    Any advice?

    I am looking at options for a home network/server setup.

    What I want to do is have one computer system and have multiple monitors , keyboards & mouse to access computer. I am looking at a kind of log in screen on the monitors which would call the computer and let me use it for internet, using software programs etc. I think I will need a router or some such item to link the computer and "terminal" together.

    What hardware is needed for this type of system?

    Will be using windows xp or vista if needed.

    any advice on which direction to take or look at is really appreciated.

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    Default Re: home network / server setup?

    I think Windows Home Server which is currently available in Beta might be what your looking for. It is on Microsoft's Web site.

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    Default Re: home network / server setup?

    Windows Home Server? thought that was just like a big network storage

    I don't know about window solutions
    but easily done on linux with vnc or freenx or any remote session alternatives
    if you're desperate to run windows.. I guess you can run it through vmware inside your linux'll work.. but prob not worth the effort

    to use this you need one comp as server
    then client computer access it through network

    or you can have a look at this:
    that's linux only too I think

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