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    I have installed network, and i managed to get both my coms going fine. When i tried to restart my other com, a message popped up telling me to 'Press Any Key to Reboot'. I dont seem to be able to do anything to my old com, it would boot from my boot disk, and i couldn't access my C:. On my other com, it detected a file infected 'network.vbs'. i had messed with FDisk on my troubled com...but i don't think i did anything wrong...

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    What's a 'com'? Use conventional abbreviations or expect uncomplimentary commnts.

    The error mesage you describe is the result of either: -
    a missing master boot record (FDISK/MBR from the A prompt of a computer started from a boot disk with FDISK), or
    missing partition table information, or
    missing or non-existant partition tables, or
    a combination of all the above.

    The cause? - apparently yourself.

    The solution? - either learn about partition restoration, or be prepared to part with some money - or kiss your data goodbye.


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    Have you set an active partition on the disk that will not boot ?
    Chances are you may have to either install the disk in another machine and try copying the data over (if the disk can be recognised) or delete the partitions and recreate them, losing all data on that drive.

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