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    Default Cannot find the file yvsdwqywwyk.exe

    When my pc starts up i get the following error message.

    'Cannot find the file yvsdwqywwyk.exe or one of its components. Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available'.

    When I press OK everything seems to operate normally.

    I have found this file in the Startup of misconfig. This file is in here twice (Winloader yvsdwqywwyk.exe) and I have ticked it once however I still get this message.

    There is nothing in the WIN.INI.

    Cannot some please help me as to how i can get rid of this message when my pc starts up.

    I am using Windows 98.

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    Default Re: Cannot find the file yvsdwqywwyk.exe

    Heres something I would try:
    Go Start/ Run/ Type in MSCONFIG
    Go to startup and unclick any boxes that look suspicious.

    Otherwise use regedit and find to find the run folders and delete out the references from there.

    Good luck, it may be the remants of a virus.


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    Default Re: Cannot find the file yvsdwqywwyk.exe

    Gary please refer my other postings on this matter. Sorry forgot to respond correctly.

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