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    Default Windows Media Centre/Vista Ultimate 64/Company of Heroes

    I have an annoying problem.
    I run Vista Ultimate 64 and I play Company of Heroes (COH).
    Everytime I load up a game of COH the gameplay is immediately clunky & laggy. How so you wonder? After all I made sure I used the recommended graphic & audio settings for my system rather than being overly optimistic and turning everything to maximum.

    Well because COH would freeze-up I had to ctrl-alt-del and in running applications I found nothing else but Windows Media Centre (WMC) running!
    Every time I start COH, WMC starts!
    I can find no setting in WMC to fix this, neither can I find a way to get uninstall/disable WMC as I don't use it anyway. I googled for a solution but no one else has reported this problem. I like COH, I don't like WMC.

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    Default Re: Windows Media Centre/Vista Ultimate 64/Company of Heroes

    Sounds like WMC is loading a file (like a dat file, or sound file, or something) COH uses.

    I would check WMC and see if there's an option in it (like WMP), where it plays different filetypes. If it does, untick all of the files, it can play.

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    Default Re: Windows Media Centre/Vista Ultimate 64/Company of Heroes

    Yes, I had that too when I was trying Vista trial and what you need to do to stop both loading is go into the COH program dir and create a shortcut from the exe to the desktop or where ever you want and use that, that fixed it for me.

    Look at the shourtcut you are using, it will say that the path is "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.mcl" the real path to start how I said is "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" this willl fix it
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    It's a harddrive you idiot!

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