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    Default Swapping 478 mobos

    I suspected that my Albatron PX865PE Pro is about to take a hike (crud on capacitors, stalled boot up process) and I replaced it with an almost similar ECS 661FX-M.

    The new mobo is mini-ATX and uses single channel 400/333/266 DDR SDRAM while the Albatron is dual channel.

    Having attached all the cables and cards with a friend, it will start up but I can't even get a POST screen. I'm not sure if the NTFS formatted HD (no OS) is even being accessed.

    We've unplugged all the cards (modem, AGP video - it has onboard video, etc.) but still no go.

    We suspect it is due to RAM incompatibility? The new mobo manual lists brands verified to work with it and my existing 2x512 sticks are not listed.

    Any clue?

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    Default Re: Swapping 478 mobos

    It most probably wont show anything, if there's nothing on the hdd.

    Put the XP / whatever cd in, if u can get into the BIOS change it to the cd, and see what happens then.

    Could be the ram, but the ram in these werent listed in the manuals either, but they still boot.

    Did u configure whatever in the BIOS (if u can get into it)?

    What about the CPU?? Does the mobo support the CPU, thats on it?

    Whats the speed of the CPU??
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    Default Re: Swapping 478 mobos

    Thanks, Speedy. I can't even get into the BIOS. The monitor remains blank - the yellow standby light does not turn to green.

    The CPU is a P4 2.8.

    There are only 2 memory slots into which I plugged the existing 2x512 dual channel DDR ram.
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    Default Re: Swapping 478 mobos

    Hmm check the revision, of the mobo.

    As stated here

    Its possible (depending on what BIOS update is on it), that it doesnt support a / the 2.8 CPU (yet).

    Until u find out whats on it now (which is a bit hard), since u get nothing on the screen.

    What kind of videocard is it? AGP? You have to be careful with some mobos, as some wont run if the card is the wrong voltage for the port.

    I've seen this happen before. A mate brought a CPU that the mobo didnt support.

    He had to go back to the shop, ask them to put a lower spec CPU in to flash it, then took it home and put the new one in, for the system to work properly.
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    Default Re: Swapping 478 mobos

    Does it have that extra ATX 12V plug? Some systems just don't work without it.

    Also try just placing the minimum amount of components in to see if it will work
    E.G CPU, RAM, VGA, KBoard and Mouse.
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