I've downloaded WAIK and followed the instructions in how to create the ISO for WinPE.

I used the "AMD64" option first since both my desktop and laptop are AMD64 based, however the WINPE boot disk I created won't boot on either.

Started from scratch again and created the ISO with x86 and this time it worked!

Is it co-incident that it worked after I switch to x86 instead of AMD64, or may be I did something wrong when I created the first ISO?

I am now trying to use ImageX to apply an image from an external 7200rpm USB HDD. It has been going for about 1.5 hour, and it's only up 56% with another 1 hour to go yet! Is this normal?

I know the apparent advantage of a file based image with ImageX but it seems to take forever to create and apply an image compare to a sector by sector imaging solution like Ghost.