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    Default Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Does anyone know how to reset a Brother MFC-240 back to factory default settings?

    A friend has accidentally set it to Australia instead of NZ when he first set it up and he can't set up faxability properly.

    There is no obvious options in the menus to reset the printer and I can't find any reference in the user manual either. We've tried emailing Brother Helpdesk but have not heard back.

    The retailer knew nothing and the local Brother service agent didn't want to know as it wasn't a fault and that they will only deal with us if we were referred by Brother Help Desk, which means we have to call their 0900 number. Personally, I think that is a rip.

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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Have you Googled for this model?? PJ
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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Heres a link that i found that takes you to the brother website and you can choose what you what to download.

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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Can't you just uninstall it and install it again, choosing a different location?

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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Somehow I dont think its a setting in whatever is installed.

    As these printers (if its like the MFC-215C) u can also set the settings on the fax itself (the settings are separate from what gets installed).

    And according the manual here (not your printer), it doesnt say anything bout Faxability in Oz, only NZ.

    And all u do on this one (might be the same as the one there).

    You press Menu/Set 2,0,3
    Press up/down arrows set faxibility to on
    Press menu/Set
    Press up/down arrows to turn call waiting on or off.
    Press Menu/Set
    Press Exit/Stop

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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. My friend is using the MFC-240C as a standalone fax machine, he hasn't got a computer yet! (Yes, people like him still exists )

    I have already been through all the menu options. The Faxability option is not available when the fax is set up for Australia, only the "Distinctive ring" option is available.

    Anyway, I finally got a response from Brother, but won't be able to try it out till I get to my friend's place this weekend. This may be of interests to others as well ...

    Pull the power to the machine and hold down "Menu/set" then power the machine back on while holding the button. Wait until it says "Maintenance" type 74 and there will be a 4 digit code. Type 0056 and press "Start" then type 99 and the machine will ask you to choose the country again. Carefully follow the options and confirm your choice.

    While we are on this subject, I have recently came across a faxability issue with a HP multifunction, can't remember the model number off hand.

    After a few sessions with HP's help desk in India, I managed to talk to a very helpful lady who immediately knew what the answer was! She emailed me a long list of cryptic steps to press on the printer, which effectively re-program the fax to recognise the NZ faxability ring tone.

    I don't understand why HP would sell a multi-function printer in NZ without the faxability function out of the box though, so weird !

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    Default Re: Brother MFC-240 Reset to Factory Default?

    Would you be prepared to share those steps with us on this thread? For future reference; it may help someone searching this forum.
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