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    Default Hyperlink values in Excel

    Hi Everyone

    Here is a teaser hopefully somebody can help me solve:

    I need to see the value of a hyperlink in Excel Pro 2003 ie the reference to which the hyperlink points - this value needs to be inserted in an adjacent cell.

    I saw on this board from a few years ago - it is exactly what I need, but doesn't seem to work for me - I get a #Name? error in Excel. I have double checked the module name, but something is still missing!

    Thanks in advance for your help on this one.


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    Default Re: Hyperlink values in Excel

    Perhaps check that your Visual Basic editor is enabled? Go to Help, type in Visual Basic and you should see some options. Eg...

    "On the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Visual Basic Editor.
    On the Help menu, click Microsoft Visual Basic Help."
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    Default Re: Hyperlink values in Excel

    In the example give, the formula "=Barnabas(A1)" is for a hyperlink in cell A1.

    If your hyperlink is in another cell eg D5 - then in any cell other than D5 enter =Barnabas(D5) and it will work.

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    Default Re: Hyperlink values in Excel

    Thanks for the help ....

    your answers prompted me to look at my security settings - this was on high - as soon as I turned it to low, it worked.

    Thank you very much for your replys.


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