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    Default Human Interace Device

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    I am using a USB device for reading RFID tags (uses HID interace). Works well and enters the information read on the tag into an open Excel spreadsheet at the position of the 'active cell' .

    However wiith two such devices installed the information read from each device is placed in the same column on the open spreadsheet again at the 'active cell' .

    How do I allocate each USB port to log information via HID into specific columns (each device will have a different column ) ?

    Charlie Harris

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    Default Re: Human Interace Device

    learn some serious mysql or whatever you need to manage that lol

    personally i'd use access (MS database software, comes with offics if you pay enough).

    try two different spreadsheets perhaps? i don't think there'll be that many people here (if any) who have any useful experience... i do hope this isn't the only forum you've posted in

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