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    Just bought this:

    (2-1 Gig sticks of DDR2 5400 RAM)

    And already have these:

    2 512 sticks of DDR2 RAM, but one is 5300, the other is 4300.

    I do have a mobo that supports dual channel memory, so which of the last 2 should I use, should I even bother with the 4300? And will the 2 512 sticks cause any issues with the 2 1 Gig sticks?

    I appreciate all the help everyone!!
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    I'm not a big fan of mixing and matching ram types and brands but theoretically theres nothing wrong with it. It can on occasion cause stability issues, in particular when utilizing all memory slots. Unless your believe you'll actually use 3gb of memory I'd personally be inclined to sell the Corsair stuff and just use the 2gb of Super Talent.

    Dual channel can be a tricky beast on occasion, and sometimes behaves perfectly. Traditionally dual channel requires to identical matched DIMM's to work properly but will generally work ok if the DIMMs are similar e.g your 2 sticks of Corsair. In order to get dual channel working with your setup but the 2 sticks of Super Talent on different channels and the 2 sticks of Corsair on different channels.

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    The 2 odd sticks will not run is dual channel, therefore you use them together with rest, it will all run in single channel.

    2Gb is double the current norm, so I would keep the pair, sell the rest!
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