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    Default unsolicited windows to net sites

    How can I rid my pc of unsolicited net sites, (they pop up even when i`m offline.) That offer 'free' search engines, movies, even fart of the day! Some of these windows fill the entire screen, offering no means of removing them. Causing me to have shut down my pc with programs still operating, with all the ensuing problems.
    These intrusions into my pc make me feel like emulating the man in the Walker wireless ad! They have reduced my usage of my pc significantly.

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    Default Re: unsolicited windows to net sites

    There is no real way to do this. The only way that I know of doing it is to disable Javascript as this is how most of these sites determine when to load pages. This creates problems though when you wish to visit sites that use Javascript that you want to take advantage off.
    The bottom line is not really. You should not have to re-boot your computer though. If a screen opens up in full then you should just be able to Alt-F4 that screen and it will close. Failing that right click on the program in the taskbar and close it.
    Hope this helps to some degree

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    Default Re: unsolicited windows to net sites


    One suggestion to stop this happening ....

    Don't visit porn sites

    Apart from that, just close them as they appear, and quit your browser before disconnecting.


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