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    In using Win98SE, do I need to have anything at all in the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS files, or does Win98 take care of what these used to load automatically?
    I have 128MB of RAM but Norton Systemworks says I have only 27MB free. I can't believe that the rest has been appropriated by programs that are not even running. How much should be showing as free?

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    Hello Richard

    It depends on if you have shared components or not and what you have autostarting.
    For instance if you have the full range of System Works utilities autoloading they alone will use heaps of ram also scanner utilities, printer utilities, instant messaging programmes and all other types of utilities that load at start up will easily gobble your ram.
    I obviously don't know what your set up is, but try this
    Click start > run, type msconfig when that utility loads click on the startup tab
    you will see a list of programmes with checkboxes everything ticked starts when you start your computer and eats your ram, the only things you really want are system tray,scan registry, maybe power profiles and probably Norton Antivirus Autoprotect and any drivers for scroll mouse etc uncheck everything else and restart you will find you now have heaps of ram, you can then experiment if you wish with ticking odd programmes from msconfig and see which ones are real hogs and you can do without at startup (most of them)other like crashguard you may find worth running at start I would'nt but you may.



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