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    Default Editing of Web Pages in Word Processor Programs

    From time to time I have a need to pull of an Internet site a file that is in .htm format complete with text as well as small photgraphs. Once I have the file saved on the PC, I then need to further modify the .htm file and somehow incorparate it in Word or similar word processing program for final presentation to my clients.
    I have tried doing it with MicroSoft FrontPage Express Ver 2.02 but the pictures do not come up on the screen. Also I have tried to open the .htm file in MicroSoft Explorer Version 4.72.2106 offline, but the pictures do not show on the screen.

    Can anybody out there guide me through how to undertake the transition from importing an .htm file into a Word Processing program complete with all Photos so I can further edit the document the Word Processing program.

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    Default Re: Editing of Web Pages in Word Processor Programs

    Well, have you tried the old cut 'n' paste? You should be able to get it to show up in msie, but it sounds to me like you haven't put the pictures in the right folders or something and I don't know of any word processors that will import an html file.

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    Default Re: Editing of Web Pages in Word Processor Programs

    Hi. There are a couple ways to do it, but I find it quite simple to use Netscape Communicator - open the page up in this browser, then go File, Edit. This will open the page in Netscape Composer, including images, which can then be saved to your hard drive, and in turn opened with an html capable version of your word processor.

    Only drawback is it can be a pain when you're dealing with a page that has frames.

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