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    Default HTML code for Show/Hide or Expand/Collapse

    Hi guys

    I've been trying to find some example code which will help me write something to use on our web site which is similar to the FAQs on this page:

    Basically I want to have a bunch of headings which a user can then click on which shows the text underneath. When the user clicks on the heading again, the text collapses/hides. I've tried some google searches but am not sure what the exact terminology for this function is so haven't really found what I'm looking for.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: HTML code for Show/Hide or Expand/Collapse

    Hi Susan

    That site uses Javascript for that effect, try looking for javascript expand/collapse scripts


    try here
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    Default Re: HTML code for Show/Hide or Expand/Collapse

    For an easy to follow guide on a show hide javascript check out

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