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    Default Adding windows to a linux/windows system

    As above

    I am looking to add XP to my current 2K/linux machine and i want to avoid getting the boot sector overwritten or at least i want to be able to boot into linux when i am finished,
    everytime i have done something of this sort in the past I have ended up having to reinstall linux, and i would like to avoid that

    Linux distro is Elive if that is anyhelp.
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    Default Re: Adding windows to a linux/windows system

    Ask Microsoft to fix their installation software so it will behave in a responsible way.

    Good luck.

    It's easy enough to preserve the Linux block and replace it afterwards, though you will have to manually add the Windows option to the boot manager.

    dd if=/dev/hda of=/root/bootsector.dat bs=512 count=1 will create a file which you can copy to a floppy (or leave on the hard disk). Then after the Windows installation, you will need to boot from a CD or something, preferably in single user mode, and use dd again: dd if=/dev/hda5/root/bootsector.dat of=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1. (if is Input "File" -- which can be a raw block or blocks -- of is Output "File". bs is BlockSize) dd is a very powerful tool. man dd )

    You do need to be very sure about where you are getting and putting things. /dev/hda is the legal name for the whole of hda ... and double and treble check the syntax. I think what I've given you is roughly correct, but it's a while since I have done this and "roughly correct" is not really good enough.

    I have an idea that both Grub and LILO have ways to save and restore the boot sector.

    It's easiest to have a copy of the saved block on a floppy, because it can be tricky to get files from down in the HD file system if you have booted from another device. Of course, make sure the file can be read before carrying on.

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