Hi, those who are into cellphones.
Heard some pple chatting about in Geek Zone.

Just interested to know. Is it based on the newer SIRF III chipset for better GPS reception? Overall how does the reception compare to a dedicated GPS unit? Are you able to punch in waypoints or co-ordinates or upload and download routes into the unit and back onto the computer after a trip - such as saving a route of my hike, or how to get from the train station to the hostel? Or I left the GPS on in the plane and I record its flying route.

I understand maps are free to download and they say city guides and stuff may cost more, likely on demand c/c payment download. Anyway, with most GPS devices the base map is incl for free and any other are not free, what are the specifics for the Nokia? For example if I get one and I go overeseas and I need a indepth map to do driving or walking (street / street) do I need to pay for a indepth map?

I take it, it has no altimeter, barometer, digital compass, moon / sun astro details?