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    Default home network internet speed woes

    We have a home network with 5 computers connected to a switch connected to a server (win server 2003 I think) connected to woosh on 'express 20'. Some of the computers are running torrent programs which make internet surfing on the other computers pretty much impossible. I initially thought that the switch would treat all traffic equal and so all computers would have equal access to the internet but not so, even if one computer is downloading, all the others grind to a halt when trying to access the web. We get about an average of 2MB/s to woosh but that varies a bit ( so much for 'full speed' ), is there an easy fix to maybe limit bandwidth on each computer or prioritize traffic?

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    Default Re: home network internet speed woes

    I don't think there is an easy fix.

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    Default Re: home network internet speed woes

    Some routers will provide "QoS" which is quailty of service, which you can use to limit bittorrent etc.

    there are also some switches that do this.

    The other alternative is "NetLimiter" which you install on each pc, but this is commercial software.

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