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    Default Address book

    Win 98se Outlook Express.
    Have lost my Address book, when I click the address book icon, a window tells me it is not configured properly.
    As I have been using this one for a long time, it has me puzzled. It says reinstall.
    1 How do I do this.
    2Will I lose all the contents.
    3Do I have to reinstall Win98
    Any help appreciated Ron..

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    Don't reinstall OE, not yet anyway.
    Make ONE entry in the 'new' address book, and quit OE.
    Do a file search on c:\ and below for files *.WAB
    There should be a small one you just made - check the date/time column. With any luck you will see a larger older file also. Copy that one, then paste it over the new one. You will need to note what folder to paste it into.

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