I bought a HP Pavilion A1520A from Noel Leemings a few weeks ago but didn't get the monitor as only my computer had died. Ever since I got it (but I can't remember if it started before or after I loaded Office 2003 and Photoshop CS2 plus AVG and Zone Alarm) the screen has randomly gone completely black for between one and three seconds (most often only one). It has done it between the start and welcome screens, while applying changes in control panel (that I didn't worry about), while viewing pages in IE7, Outlook and Word - in fact I think the only application it hasn't done it in is Photoshop.

I mentioned it to the salesman and he seems to think it's related to the onboard video card - something to do with it using the RAM to run and therefore maybe taking a bit longer to do things.

I rang HP's support desk last night and was told to start the machine and go into F1 and just watch that screen for an hour to see if the blacking out was still occurring. I did it for about half an hour but nothing happened while I was watching (and it got kinda boring!) and since escaping and running the computer, I don't think it has done it again.

The salesman suggested I drop the computer off and he will install a separate video card to see if that removes the problem. If it does (assuming the problem recurs before then) then he says that will point to it being the solution.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what did you do about it? Does anyone have any suggestions? (I'll be at work soon so won't necessarily be able to answer any questions until later today.) The computer is running Windows XP Media Centre, has 512MB RAM and I've got it connected to a Philips 109 E5 monitor. I don't play computer games and mostly use the computer for word processing, photo processing, email and internet.