I have some word documents that I have been emailed that contain linked excel spreadsheets. I am also running a lan with TCP/IP installed on my home office LAN. I am using Wingate as a proxy server so that any machine can have Internet access. I also have Microsoft Personal Web server installed.
The problem arises with Word attempting to refresh the linked spreadsheets, not finding them on the internal network, and then causing Wingate to dial out to the net and attempt to resolve the computer names through DNS.
Previously, I had my DNS configuration set to use XTRA's defaults (my ISP), but I wanted Personal web server to be able to resolve local machine names without constantly trying to dial up XTRA. I now have my primary DNS set to (localhost) which routes all DNS lookups through Wingate, which is then able to determine whether a machine is local or not. Unfortunately my word documents refer to spreadsheets which are not on the local LAN, but are not on the Internet either. The Word Document seemed to generate a flood of DNS lookup requests which couldn't be resolved, and Wingate crashed.
Is there any way to resolve this problem, and am I on the right track in the first place?