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    Default Converting video-cd to mpeg-1

    I would like to record a copy of my own video-cd single (o.k# under the fair use doctorine).I have a standard cd-rom drive and a standard video card.No capture option.Apparently I need to be able to extract the raw data from the video-cd,but i need to know, what tools to use to achieve this.I then need to use a video editor to reduce it down to a compact size,good enough to send over the net,but I don't know what editor to use.I guess I would require a format that would be supported by the standard players on the target machine...(cinepak or indeo)??...but it would have to be 'compact'...i only have a 56k modem.If you have any ideas....let me know!!.Thanks.

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    You could try going to - there you will find all of the utilities you require to make a vcd in various formats.

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    cool....thanks very much for your help...i appreciate your time!!.

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    Hi, plain old VCDs have a DAT file which is really a mpg file if you rename it. I would suggest you recompress it with Div-x for maximum compression. However to play a div-x file well you need a ~500 P3 or Athlon

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    i'll give it whirl and let you know...thanks very much...reply to you once i have success.

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