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    Default Vista Gurus please help

    i got this program (which worked absolutely fine in xpp), i installed this on my new computer with vista and it doesnt seem to run when i double click it. the tricky part is that if i right click and click the option that says run as admin (with a little shield next to it) it works fine. it then brings up the allow or decline box and in which if i click allow everything runs all good.

    does anyone know how i can let windows know that this is a safe program to use and trigger it on demand with only a double click instead of going through all those steps?


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    Default Re: Vista Gurus please help

    You need to rt click it and go to Properties. There is a Compatibility tab (check XP SP2) and a Security tab (select user required).

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    Default Re: Vista Gurus please help

    cool thanx, its fixed now. still got that allow or decline box but meh nothing is perfect

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