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Thread: MS Office 2007

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    Default MS Office 2007

    Regarding installation of the free CD with the latest issue of NZ PC World

    I am curently using MS XP, if I install the free disk on the same PC will the two software suites "clash", is it safe to operate the two in tandem.


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    Default Re: MS Office 2007

    Welcome to PressF1 skyvan

    See this thread:

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: MS Office 2007

    If the trial version of Office 2007 has Outlook 2007, it will "clash" as you can only have 1 version of Outlook installed.

    If the trial does not have Outlook 2007, then it should "cohabit" OK.

    In any case please make sure that you have a backup copy of all your critical data before loading the trial software.

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    Smile Re: MS Office 2007

    I'm running XP and have just loaded Office 2007 (Trial as in PC world)
    Haven't struck any problems yet but then I didn't use Outlook before so can't comment on possible clash.
    A document created in Word has an extension .docx which I thought looked a bit peculiar and sure enough the recipient of my document couldn't open it.
    There is an "out" tho - "save as" in compatibility mode produces the normal .doc extn.
    It seems to load up more slowly than previously but I was only using Office 97

    On install, you are given the option of removing the old version or retaining it - I retained it and it still works. I hope it remains so when the time comes to uninstall 2007.
    Good luck
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