I work at one of several groups within a medium sized business. My group has 100 email users
and a network of 30 computers. The users share the PCs and we use NT 4.0 server and
workstation to provide secure access for each user. A mail program (mailbridge) on a dedicated
NT 4.0 server downloads and routes email from a single postbox twice a day to users internal
My problem is that the business does not permit any ISP email connection to be made if the
server is connected to the network. At present, the mail server has two profiles - networked and
non-networked. The server is manually rebooted to collect mail in the no-network profile and
then rebooted again in the networked profile to allow users access to their mail.
Besides purchasing a firewall (which our company will also not permit), I would like a better
method. Do you know if it is possible to use a script to boot into a certain profile which could be
triggered by the WINAT scheduler.