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    Default formatting a hard drive for windows vista

    i have a laptop with one physical hard drive. it is partitioned into 2 drives using windows xp. 1 drive is my C drive and the other is the e drive which contains the recovery partition.
    Now how would i delete the C drive partition so i can do a clean install of windows vista? if i have a windows xp cd i could boot off it and run the recovery console off the cd and use the DISKPART command to delete the C drive,but problem is, i do not have a windows xp cd cuz i've just got the recovery partition image which is not a cd and is in image format.

    I thought about installing the recovery console to C drive,but i'm sure it won't let me delete the C partition if i'm running the recovery console from it right?

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    Default Re: formatting a hard drive for windows vista

    Have u got a DVD on this laptop??

    Since I think you'll need one, since the Vista CD is a DVD isn't it?

    The Vista DVD should be bootable, so you should be able to boot from it, the same way u can boot from the XP CD to install XP.

    The Vista DVD would most probably let u format everything on the hdd, delete whatever partition, and then install Vista.

    I hope you've got a big hdd, Vista would need 10-20 GB just to install.

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    Default Re: formatting a hard drive for windows vista

    How will you install Vista?, with a CD?, so you that as you would XP CD, delete the c: partition & re-create when installings, just like XP

    edit - okay, snap again!
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