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    Where's our weekly dose of BillyT humour?

    Fishing is not a matter of life or death, it's more serious than that.

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    What animal would you hate bringing to a card game?

    A cheetah.

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    A man is very sick and so he goes to his doctor who runs the full gamut of lab and blood tests. He comes back to the waiting room and says "Mr. Smith I am very sorry but you only have ten to live" So Mr. Smith goes "But doctor, ten what? Days, months, weeks???" And the doctor goes "nine, eight, seven, six..."

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    Got this from this week's Reader's Digest:

    "As a man tucks her daughter into bed, the daughter says "Goodnight mum, goodnight dad, goodnight grandma and goodbye grandpa". The next morning, Grandpa dies. The father then thinks 'Wow, what a coincedence!'

    A few weeks later, as the father once again tucks his daughter to bed, the daughter says "Goodnight mum, goodnight dad, and goodbye grandma". And the next day, grandma dies. At this point, the father thinks 'Is my daughter in touch with the other side?'.

    The next night, as the father tucks his daughter into bed again, he heard his daughter say "goodnight mum, and goodbye dad". The father immediately flew out in a panic and locked himself in his office until the next morning. Thinking it must be safe, he carefully opened the door and let himself out. Seeing his wife, he said to her "I just had the worst night in my life!" At that, his wife retorted hastily with "You think YOU had it bad? The milkman just dropped dead on our veranda!!" "

    Lol anyone get it?

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    lol that was a good one!

    How many aussies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Just one and a few to stand around going 'on ya mate, bonza'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarel View Post
    Where's our weekly dose of BillyT humour?

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