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    Default My computer is randomly turning off!

    Hey guys!
    Can you help me?? My computer is randomly turning off at the most unexpected times! It isn't a virus! And I done a system recovery a couple of days ago.
    Can anyone help out?
    Any other possibilities?

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    Default Re: My computer is randomly turning off!

    It may not be virus, but it could be due to other malware such as spyware and adware.

    Please visit PressF1's guide on malware for more information ->

    It would be good if you can give us vital statistics of your computer.


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    Default Re: My computer is randomly turning off!

    If you don't have any malware, it could be the power supply. Do you have automatic reboot on bluescreen disabled already?

    Take the side off your case & see if the tops of any of the capasitors are bubbled up

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    Default Re: My computer is randomly turning off!

    Check your hard drive powersupply. I had something similar happen over a year ago with similar symptoms, all due to faulty power supply which was easily remedied was we worked it out.

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    Default Re: My computer is randomly turning off!

    All fans turning nicely?
    Is the CPU heat sink clean, or clogged with dust?
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