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    Default Monitor/Screen Jittery

    My friend recently bought a new computer

    I plugged it in.Hook my monitor onto his computer

    Problem is the screen is jittery.

    It Runs Windows Xp service pack 2,512MB ram,Radeon 9520 128MB VGA AGP

    The graphics are fine.Just then when I scroll up and down the screen just jitters and is sort of slow

    I've tried changing the refresh rate settings but that still does not help

    I've also tried changing the resolution and it did not help

    Does anyone know whats the cause of this jittery annoyance?
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    Default Re: Monitor/Screen Jittery

    Install a proper graphic card driver.

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    Default Re: Monitor/Screen Jittery

    I had that problem a long time ago... see if you can update the drivers/software for the monitor then go into display properties and select the correct monitor.

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