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    Default SONY VAIO VGN FE35GP

    just want a few advices on a laptop im looking at
    the SONY VAIO VGN FE35GP.......any good....?

    p.s i just need it for every day use

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    Default Re: SONY VAIO VGN FE35GP

    Can you be more specific with what everyday use entails? Will you be gaming and editing videos as well on it? Do you need bluetooth? If you are just wanting to use Office, email, internet and maybe play around with some photos/music, then you could save some money and get something cheaper but still do everything you require. As it appears to retail at approx $2700 this saving could be quite substantial. Again, depends upon exactly what you will be wishing to use it for.

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    Default Re: SONY VAIO VGN FE35GP

    You may want to look at a Toshiba Satellite A100/803 Notebook at Dick Smith for $2198.00....

    ...looks equally as good for a lot less dollars.....and there's nothing wrong with Tosh as a brand.

    Just my


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