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    Question DSC-T50 - language??

    I'm on the brink of buying a Sony Cybershot DSC-T50/B and have been searching the net for the best price.
    (I'm currently in South Korea and the prices are expensive. But, on Thursday I'm going to Japan and they're pretty cheap there. The cheapest are in the US but I'd need to get it shipped.)
    What I'm wondering is if I end up buying it in Japan will there be any language problems - are there actually words on digital camera menus or just pics nowadays and if I buy it in Japanese will it be easy enough to change the language setting???
    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: DSC-T50 - language??

    Most of the Sony's I've seen give you a choice of language in the menu, make sure you get one where English is one of the options.
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    Default Re: DSC-T50 - language??

    Welcome to PressF1 emmajane

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    Default Re: DSC-T50 - language??


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