I've got a problem concerning sending email through either Outlook or Outlook Express 5 (beta 2). I am running Windows 98 Retail, IE5 beta 2 with Outlook Express 5, Office 97 Standard with Outlook 97 (SR1 not installed). I was happily using Outlook Ex for sending/receiving email, until I ran Outlook 97. Now, every time I click on 'new message' it says 'There was an error opening this message. An error has occurred.' In Outlook 97 it says that it cannot open the Windows Address Book. When you try to open the WAB manually it tells you that there was an error attempting to open the address book file. I've had this problem before. I suspect that it may be unfortunately a conflict between IE5 and Outlook 97. It used to say that a file called EXSEC32.dll was missing, but I copied it off Dad's laptop (which is also running IE5 and Outlook fine) and now it just says it can't open the WAB.
SYSTEM CONFIG: Pentium II 266, 160MB RAM, 8.4GB HDRIVE, i740 8MB AGP Video Card, BX Motherboard.
BTW: I read with interest your comment on not needing more than 64MB RAM. I definitely need a minimum of 96MB, and preferably 128MB. With 64MB the system just runs unbearably slow in games, and is not as responsive in business apps.

Thanking you in anticipation of your solution.
Aidan Wojtas.