Just thought I would record my experience with failed IE7 installs so that others might find it helps shorten the time I took. This XP Home m/c just wouldn't install IE7 failing to write a reg entry in spite of my checking permissions for that entry. Tried in safe mode - still no go. It was also complicated by the first install hanging (another problem with this m/c - hanging video dvr sisgrv.dll) resulting in a partial install which almost worked and no regression back to IE6!

This solution is also relevant for other acl permission install problems. This site got me over the problem:- http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archi...04/739820.aspx

It involves downloading a prog from MS together with a cmd file to run. It takes about 10 min to run while it gives system full control to many reg entries and system files. So it is a sledge hammer rather than a surgeon's scalpel! But it did work - at 1 a.m.!!!

So, negative profit here on this dog. Mostly disabling ZA allows the install but not for this one. Did I also mention the two trojans??

Hope it may be useful for someone sometime.