Hi people, have a small problem that is tuning into a huge problem.. I have a NT server on a network that is used mainly as a file server.. as backups are very important to us. we needed away a simple way of creating a Mirror image of that drive. so i invested in a product called 'Mr.Mirror' now this product is simple , easy to use and all that. however it has a problem that i have found and that is, when it backsup it sometimes won't backup files 'it says' target file newer... thats really strange as this computer backs up once aday at night and the files on the computer it backs up to does not get used and the files are not modified. therefor i put the question to the company that creates this application.. at this point it started to not backup hidden files, 'wonderful' so i asked these questions, there answer was that i need to use the verbose option, this options recreated the image and takes about 2 days... not quite the answer i was looking for... so for sometime i have been asking this question over and over again.. how can i make this application do an update and just update... why should i have to do a verbose , there answer is you only have to do it once... are we have.. infact twice and still the problem is there... and still they advise me that verbose is the answer... arghhhh do i have to verbose because they don't want to answer my questions... someone help hereNETDI: ClassInstall (0x6 on 0x1aae:0x58) on at