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Thread: Buying a Mac

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    Default Buying a Mac

    I'mcontemplating going mac. I want a small screen size, 13.3", airport, internal wireless and bluetooth. Theyall come with this but also internal cam and mic.
    Any advice? Any probs with specific models?

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    I would go for the 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook. It offers the best value as there is quite a big jump in specifications between that and the 1.83GHz model, while there is much less of a jump to the black 2.0GHz model (you are essentially paying a premium for a black case and a slightly bigger hard disk). They have only just been updated, so now is a good time to buy.

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    Default Re: Buying a Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by maccrazy View Post
    I would go for the 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook.
    Am I correct in thinking that's an Intel chip?
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    Yes, Apple began a transition to Intel chips at the beginning of this year. The PowerPC chips hadn't been making much progress in the last few months they were using them, allowing Intel chips to catch up. Possibly if they were still using them now, they might have jumped ahead again, but it is hard to say. However, the main problem was that while the desktops were very competitive, the laptops were falling behind as the G5 was too hot to put in such a small enclosure.

    Edit: Apple has always kept a x86 build of Mac OS X up-to-date so the transition wasn't a huge task. One would assume they are now keeping a PPC version of Mac OS X up-to-date so they can switch back to PPC processors in the future if necessary. Universal Binary applications can run on both processors.
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