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    Not sure if this is not allowed (didnt read anything regarding on rules i dont think) anyways heres a direct HTTP link for downloading the new prison break episode - season 2 episode 11

    [Edit - don't think FairfaxBM really wants those sorts of direct links on their forums. People can find it themselves if they really want it]

    seems to be getting good speeds 23-40kb w/o download manager (as it doesnt seem to be able to work)

    have fun if you like PB.

    ps. click on the " this is your link to file " get the link hehe
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    Didn't read very hard did you?

    4) Subject Matter: Asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate software will not be tolerated. This includes posting links to sites where Warez, no-CD hacks, keygens etc can be found. And yes, this also covers advice on how to illegally gain access to a commercial service, such as Sky TV.

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