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    Default Computer won't turn off

    Just upgraded daughters computer from 98SE to XP, now when windows shuts down the computer doesn't turn off, it just sits there with the "Windows is shutting down" screen showing. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Computer won't turn off

    The new OS is designed to work with newer systems which automatically turn off, where as the older OS would come up with a screen which says "It is now safe to turn off your computer" or something along those lines.
    Im not saying that your pc is old, but it could be the motherboard, psu or even the power switch on the computer amongst othe things.
    Is your daughters pc fairly new (the fact it was running 98se tells me maybe not)?

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    Default Re: Computer won't turn off

    Computers running Windows 98SE were quite capable of switching themselves off so unless the computer in question had an even earlier version of Windows prior to Win98SE that is unlikely to be the cause. The cause could be anything from a driver or software problem to the anti-virus or firewall not shutting down properly and anything in between. With the amount of information given it would be virtually impossible for anyone here to diagnose.

    If it was an "over the top" upgrade I would suggest a full reformat and fresh install of WinXP.

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