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    Default making a file list

    Hi all,

    I want to make a print out of all the files, arranged by their folder structure, within a given folder. I've dallied with DOS commands, but can't seem to find the right command/syntax. What I've been trying to do is to output the folder structure and file list to a text file, which I can then print and go through at my leisure. Does anyone know how I can do this?


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    Default Re: making a file list

    Navigate to the folder in question and then enter in:

    dir > list.txt

    This will list all the files and create a text file called list.txt of them in that same directory.

    Alternatively, the following program has been mentioned before as an easy way of doing this: Karen's Directory Printer v5.1.

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    Default Re: making a file list

    or if you really want to show off

    dir | sort /o c:\this dir\dir.txt

    you may also want to try


    this will give a screen/text file dump of your directory structure
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