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    Smile Row over broadband plans ! Already

    Read this link

    Tue, 26 September 2006, 5:24 PM
    Row brews over broadband charges

    There is anger over Telecom's plans to offer residential customers cheaper broadband deals than they offer their wholesale customers.

    Its internet subsidiary Xtra has unveiled plans to offer services which allow for unlimited data to be downloaded, rather than imposing a monthly limit.

    However, other internet service providers say Telecom is not offering good value for them.

    Graham Walmsley of the ISPANZ group says they are disgusted.

    He says they would expect to be able to purchase at the same price as Telecom's own ISP purchasers, and says the ISPs are extremely shocked at the company's move.

    He says either Telecom is not charging enough to its residential subscribers - or it is charging too much to its wholesale customers.

    Telecom says it is doing nothing wrong by launching its new pricing program for broadband services.

    Spokesman Matt Crockett says their disputed price for entry level services is already subject to a Commerce Commission review.

    He says the company is simply trying to get on with business and if the commission deems there should be changes, then they will be implemented.

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    Default Re: Row over broadband plans ! Already

    The Commerce Commission apparently reviews the regulated wholesale price every 3 months. This must be about to happen now based on the amount of theatrics.

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    Default Re: Row over broadband plans ! Already

    Hitech you might want to post a link to where you got the story

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    Default Re: Row over broadband plans ! Already

    the fun begins

    Telecom being competive even before unbundling begins

    Just on the news tonight Broadband prices expected to go down even further (refering to telecoms new Plans - wait and see on that one).

    I think telecoms new plans are step in the right direction

    I think the winners (when the dust settles) will be broadband users no matter which ISP you are with.
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    Default Re: Row over broadband plans ! Already

    Hehe, I know Telecom is being unfair here to their wholesale customers i.e. ISPs other than Xtra. However, from a consumer standpoint, I really couldn't care less how other ISPs are treated so long as I get good value for my money - and the Xtra Go Large plan is most definitely a good value for money.

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