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    Default Hard drive won't format

    I have just built a new system and finally got around to switching it on for the first time and installing Windows XP. I did not partition the drive and chose the NTFS file system, so pretty standard routine. After I chose to format the drive using NTFS it changes to the next screen which says this:

    Please wait while setup formats the partition

    C: Partition1 [New <Raw>] 131062 MB < 131061 MB free >

    on 131070 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR].

    And now it stops here and the status for formatting the disk stays at 0. I have tryed several times to reload the files but it keeps arriving at this screen and then wont go any further, and I've even left it for a few hours but no luck. The drive I am trying to format is a Western Digital 200GB SATA.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Hard drive won't format

    During installation, Windows XP often needs controller drivers to happily work with SATA drives, have you tried this?

    Normally you press F8 at the start when it asks if you want to install 3rd party SCSI drivers etc, and put a floppy in when prompted, or you can slipstream them. The drivers will come with the motherboard.

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    Default Re: Hard drive won't format

    Yep, I tryed pressing F6 to load third party drivers etc but it doesnt do anything?

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    Default Re: Hard drive won't format

    F6/F8 I can never remember!

    Yes, it doesn't do anything immediately, but after waiting for other components to load, the setup should ask if you wish to install additional drivers, if you answer yes it will look for drivers on the floppy drive, so you should have a floppy ready with the SATA drivers on it.

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