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    Unhappy Help, Lost Win98 cd, need to download win components?

    hi, i was hopeing someone could help me on here, i have managed to somehow lose my windows 98 cd for my old computer, it has no internet connection, i am playing an old game on there which currently has no sound. it says i need to go onto the control panel, add/remove programs, multimedia and make sure the audio compression is ticked (which it wasn't) i ticked it but i need my win98 cd to install it back onto my computer? any ideas?

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    Default Re: Help, Lost Win98 cd, need to download win components?

    No, but that is why it is so important to have the Win98 folder from the CD permanently on your hard drive, then when it asks for the CD, you point it to the location on the HDD.
    Also, when you make a network change and other system changes, or run SFC to replace a corrupt file etc, it asks for the CD.

    You have no alternative except to procure another Win98 CD.
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    Default Re: Help, Lost Win98 cd, need to download win components?

    Do you still do that the hard way, Terry? You can change the disk location in the Registry so it never asks; just goes strarght to the directory. Use the Search in regedit for "E:" or whatever it calls your CD drive. I think it will only occur once, but the right one has an obvious name.

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